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About us

JS Doradcy provide comprehensive tax advice on clients' current activities, as well as tax services for one-off transactions. Respecting applicable regulations, we help you achieve the greatest possible tax savings. We also offer comprehensive corporate and accounting services and support in obtaining EU grants.

Taxes are one of the most complicated and opaque areas of law and also one of the most important areas of interest for entrepreneurs. Thanks to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of regulations, we can offer our clients comprehensive tax services and solutions to all problems they encounter as taxpayers.

As part of our consulting, we prepare opinions and recommendations for action. We review the correctness of tax settlements and look for areas where more favorable tax settlements are possible. We support entrepreneurs in concluding the most complex contracts, transformations and restructurings. We represent their interests before tax authorities and administrative courts, fighting for fair decisions. In the course of our daily activities, we try to discover the needs of our clients and provide them with practical assistance.

We assume that legal and tax services should be performed while maintaining the highest standards of professional diligence and knowledge. We do not forget about an individual approach to each client. We are convinced that only full commitment, understanding and familiarization with the customer's needs guarantees success and customer satisfaction.

Our advantage is our team

Many years of practice have taught us that consulting is not about the brand itself, but primarily about the people who create it. It is thanks to their passion, commitment and inventiveness that you can receive the highest quality services.

We use thorough education

The core of our team of advisors are experienced lawyers with economic education. Thanks to this, we are able to properly understand the economic content of your business and interpret it correctly, achieving your goals.

We share diverse experience

During their previous practice, our advisors have advised both large financial institutions, listed companies and domestic Polish enterprises. Our experience covers many industries and sectors, including: construction and infrastructure, education, media and communication, trade, real estate, new technologies, industrial production, capital markets, pharmaceutical sector, transport and communication, financial services.

We get to know our clients' environment

We believe that effective consulting is based primarily on understanding the facts. We know that our clients have the greatest knowledge about their business - that is why we always try to learn as much as possible from them about the practical aspects of their business. Thanks to this, our advice is specific, practical and accurate.

We constantly invest in development

We believe that a good advisor is always one step ahead of changes, can identify problems in advance and never allow them to escalate. That is why we have developed a knowledge management system that gives us the confidence to constantly adapt to changes in the fields in which we operate. Bearing in mind that we are always up to date, we conduct regular training for our clients' accounting departments on changes in tax law.

We focus on good ideas and innovative thinking

We trust our experience, but we do not want to fall into patterns. The practice of consultants has taught us that often only non-standard thinking and an innovative approach bring measurable results. Our advisors always exchange their know-how. In many cases, the proposed solution is the result of a brainstorming session involving specialists from many fields.