Tax and court proceedings

Tax and court proceedings

We represent our Clients before tax authorities and administrative courts, both in ongoing contacts as well as in tax, audit and court proceeding.

Practice and efficiency in the first place

At each stage of the proceedings we try to combine our practical knowledge of the functioning of the authorities as well as the knowledge of tax procedures and courts jurisdictions with the knowledge of the specifics of our Clients’ activities and industry in which they operate.

Thanks to this, we are able to manage the disputes with the authorities in an optimal way for our Clients. During disputes, we always take into account the principles of procedural efficiency, which is why we try to obtain settlement of the dispute favourable to our Clients at the earliest possible stage of the proceedings.

We are well aware that effective proceeding advisory is primarily to secure our Clients’ tax position without entering into a dispute with tax authorities. That is why we try to use all available instruments such as individual interpretations of regulations or applications for an overpayment in order to achieve the greatest effects with minimal effort and resources.


A wide range of support

In the field of tax and court proceedings, we offer, in particular, services such as:

  • conducting proceedings to recover overpayments and refunds,
  • obtaining individual interpretations of tax law,
  • representing Clients in proceedings before tax authorities, especially in the case of challenging tax settlements in the tax audit carried out by tax authorities,
  • rrepresenting clients in proceedings before administrative courts in the above-mentioned areas.