Personal income tax - PIT

Personal income tax - PIT

Our advice on personal income tax is addressed mainly to entrepreneurs and their staff. Regardless of tax payments, we also advise on the obligations of payers of social security and health insurance contributions. Our advisors have knowledge and experience in both tax law and accounting.

In our practice, we advise in the following key areas:

  • we provide comprehensive advisory services for employers and employees, bot foreigners and Polish citizens,  
  • we provide comprehensive advisory services for employers and employees, bot foreigners and Polish citizens.

Examples of services for employers, board members or supervisory boards:

  • we advise on the development and implementation of tax-effective individual remuneration packages,
  • we develop and help in implementing the rules for the use by employees and co-workers of work tools entrusted by the employer (e.g. cars, business phones),
  • we develop effective methods of employing and remunerating employees and company management – in terms of income tax and social insurance contributions,
  • we plan effective ways of employing foreigners – in terms of tax savings and in the field of taxes and social insurance,
  • we plan effective ways of employing Polish citizens abroad – in terms of tax savings and social insurance; we advise on the policy of delegating employees abroad,
  • we advise in cases of doubts regarding residence for tax purposes,
  • we prepare tax settlements of natural persons, both tax residents and non-residents,
  • we prepare all necessary documents related to performing work in Poland or performing other tasks (e.g. work permit, tax registration),
  • we plan and assist in implementing additional benefit programs and incentive plans for employees – including employee share purchase programs,
  • we advise on the settlement of employee costs, including the costs of additional benefits.

Examples of services rendered to natural persons conducting economic activity:

  • we develop tax strategies for family businesses and assist them in their practical implementation,
  • we prepare the most effective tax settlement models for family members’ economic activity,
  • we optimize the costs of obtaining revenues using tax shields in the form of increased depreciation, disclosure of assets in business operations, effective tax separation of the private and business sphere of the taxpayer, tax activation of assets not used so far,
  • we carry out tax reviews in the fields of PIT and Social Insurance Institution – to identify risks and areas of tax optimization,
  • we assess the tax consequences of individual events occurring in the course of business operations on an ongoing basis, at the request of our Clients we provide answers to questions about the Client’s current operations,
  • we implement solutions aimed at minimizing the tax burden on leaving business – especially in the case of sale an enterprise or shares,
  • we advise on business restructuring, analysing the tax consequences of conducting a transaction and provide active assistance in the implementation of the proposed solution,
  • we provide continuous and comprehensive  services in the area of regular tax settlements and with social insurance contributions for entrepreneurs and their employees.