Value Added Tax – VAT

Value Added Tax – VAT

Taxation with value added tax (VAT) is currently one of the most important tax issues appearing in connection with transactions carried out for most entrepreneurs. Our practice also shows that this is the area of tax settlements, which currently generates the highest risk of disputes with authorities and, as a consequence, the risk of tax arrears. Undoubtedly, tax authorities are increasingly active in the fields of tax audits in the field of VAT.

Our VAT services include, among others:

  • ongoing tax advisory regarding practical problems with VAT settlement,
  • conducting tax reviews,
  • advisory in the field of domestic and cross-border transactions, especially in terms of tax risks and implementation of optimal solutions in the field of the supply of goods, services and VAT receivables,
  • preparation of VAT declarations, summary information and VAT Compliance forms,
  • assessment of the effects of concluded transactions and support in the risk management process resulting from their implementation, in particular through binding interpretations of tax law,
  • representation of clients in contacts as well as during disputes with tax authorities and administrative courts,
  • support in implementing VAT settlement procedures, VAT reporting as well as internal reporting and control instruments.
  • examination of the correctness and effectiveness of the Client’s IT systems for reporting in the field of VAT,
  • support in the process of implementing complicated models of VAT accrued settlement, such as: settling VAT accrued based on a factor, the application of a direct VAT refund or tax refund for foreign entities,
  • supporting our Clients in implementing models of international transactions simplifying VAT settlements – both in terms of services and goods.






Our company has specialized experience and vast practical knowledge gained as a result of many years of advising in the field of VAT for taxpayers in almost all sectors of the economy: from financial services, through industrial production to the development industry.

Based on the skills acquired so far, we support our Clients in solving everyday problems as well as in the process of planning and conducting complex business operations.