Ongoing tax advisory and tax reviews

Ongoing tax advisory and tax reviews

Our goal is steady close cooperation with the Client, based in particular on periodic meetings, conversations and e-mail correspondence, in which we cooperatively identify the current needs of the client.

Ongoing advice is the answer to everyday business challenges.

Answers to ongoing questions appearing in the Client’s business are provided by email or phone. In more complicated cases, we draw up comprehensive, detailed opinions for our Clients regarding the tax consequences of the problem or business solution being considered.

The issues falling within the scope of ongoing tax advisory services cover all tax and legal issues in the area of our Client’s public law obligations, in particular in the field of corporate income tax, value added tax, personal income tax, tax on civil law transactions, excise tax and real estate tax.

Periodic reviews of tax settlements complement ongoing tax advisory services.

Periodic tax reviews as an instrument for risk identification and settlement optimization

The basic assumption of our reviews is to examine the correctness of tax settlements aimed at:

  • indicating possible areas that may be subject to optimization,

  • identifying issues that may result in tax arrears or penal-fiscal liability and removing them.