Taxes related to the possession and real estate turnover

Taxes related to the possession and real estate turnover

One of the basic areas of our advisors is advising for entities operating on the real estate market.

Our advisors have extensive experience and provide tax advisory services, among others in matters of:

  • effective taxation of income from real estate investment,
  • effective taxation of leasing and rental of real estate, 
  • taxation of real estate transactions with indirect taxes (tax on goods and services, tax on civil law transactions),
  • choosing the tax-optimal ownership structure for real estate investments, 
  • tax-optimal taxation process of financing real estate investments, 
  • optimizing depreciation write-offs of commercial, residential and non-residential real estate, 
  • settlement of expenses and operating costs of commercial real estate such as shopping centres, amusement parks, office buildings,
  • real estate tax, including for specialized industries such as hotels, cinemas, shopping centres and renewable energy,
  • fulfilling the obligations arising from the imposition of a minimum tax on commercial real estate.

Our team has been on numerous occasions involved in the sale transactions of real estate such as shopping centres, cinemas, office buildings, entertainment complexes, actively providing services of:

  • support in the process of preparing an optimal sales strategy,
  • ongoing advisory in the preparation of sales contracts – in order to eliminate negative tax consequences in the future,
  • preparation of applications for tax law interpretations for both the seller and the buyer of real estate,
  • support in the field of direct VAT refund resulting from the sale,
  • preparation and implementation of the concept of adjusting the tax value of sold real estate to market value,
  • conducting and monitoring post-transaction settlements related to the acquisition of real estate by the buyer.