Transaction and restructuring advisory

Transaction and restructuring advisory

In many companies, serious tax problems begin only at the stage of transformation and restructuring, when financial departments have to face the need to settle non-standard transactions. We provide tax advisory services within the confines of transactions of purchase or sale of organized sets of assets (shares in companies, enterprises and their organized parts), as well as individual assets.

Minimizing risk and protecting Clients’ interests

Our transaction and restructuring advisory services include:

  • due diligence,
  • preparation of a transaction or restructuring tax strategy,
  • analysis of tax risk implemented strategies, support during negotiation of transaction conditions and details of concluded contracts – to take into account the tax aspects of subsequent settlements between the parties to the transaction,
  • ongoing monitoring of tax issues and advising during transactions aimed at reducing tax risks and preparing the optimal tax structure of transactions,
  • support in the correct tax settlement of transactions and restructuring

Comprehensiveness of offered services

We provide our Clients with comprehensive assistance in the restructuring of enterprises (mergers, divisions, contributions, liquidations, reorganization of assets), while making every effort to ensure that the highest tax efficiency is combined with minimal risk and maximum protection of the Client’s interests.