Optimization advisory

Optimization advisory

Our knowledge and experience allow us in many cases to offer Clients solutions that reduce the level of tax burden on their business

Main optimization mechanisms

We try to achieve the above effect through:

  • recovering tax already paid in a situation which we see the possibility of adjusting settlements allowing for submitting an application for a declaration of tax overpayment,
  • tax-favourable planning of fiscal burden on transactions and business solutions considered by our Clients.



Practical examples of optimization

In our practice to date, we have implemented both of the above models on numerous occasions, which has often contributed to the generation of significant tax savings by our clients. For example, our advisors were involved in the process of tax optimal sale of many properties owned by commercial space developers. In addition, to increase the security of our solutions, we try, whenever possible, to implement them on the basis of individual interpretations of tax law issued by the Minister of Finance.